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"Where the Science of Quality Assurance is still an Art!"

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R.K.B. OPTO-ELECTRONICS, INC. (RKB) was the first commercial on-line web inspection manufacturer and supplier in the world. We have invented and patented many of the technologies currently in use in today’s web based material manufacturing industries. Since our founding over five decades ago many industries have changed dramatically. Over this time governmental intrusion, over regulation, technological advances in computers (online media), mergers & acquisitions or just plain competitive market conditions have all affected the web based materials manufacturing industry in ways that are both beneficial as well as detrimental. During these tumultuous times, RKB has adapted to provide cost effective solutions for quality assurance and control at reasonable costs for all our customers. With our leadership, application knowledge and proven European expertise, we offer online solutions and services that allow our customers to improve their quality initiatives, process control goals, productivity and traceability.

Today`s markets demand the highest quality products with regard to all forms of composite materials. The smallest nonconformities lead to production issues and thus reductions in the quality of goods made. This, unfortunately, leads to lose production, money, market share and ultimately customers. We offer experience in your industries process as well as proven, fully automated, surface inspection solutions for a wide variety of complex web based materials and production methodologies.  RKB technological expertise coupled with our leading market position and support disciplines provide all of our customers with leading edge technology that is unsurpassed in performance and cost. RKB is based out of the European Union with Head Quarters in Santander, Spain and the United States with offices in Syracuse, New York. In addition to our main offices, we have locations in South East Asia, North East Asia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and South America.








R.K.B. OPTO-ELECTRONICS is a designer and manufacturer of high-speed machine vision web inspection technologies and related products. We are committed to web based material manufacturers, converters, customers and our industry that depend on us to guarantee that product superiority is maintained at the highest possible level. We are dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction, continuously improving our products and services, and providing opportunities for our employees to achieve their maximum potential.


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