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Trade Organizations & Associations


American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) - http://www.afandpa.org

Appita - http://www.appita.com.au

Asian Corrugated Case Association - http://www.acca-website.org

Association of Belgian Pulp, Paper & Board Producer (COBELPA) - http://www.cobelpa.be

Association Nacional de Fabricantes de Pastas, Papel y Carton (ASPAPEL) - http://www.aspapel.es

Association of Polish Papermakers - http://www.spp.pl

Association of Pulp & Paper Industry Czech Republic - http://www.sppc.cz

Association of the Swiss Pulp, Paper and Board Industry (ZPK) - http://www.zpk.ch

Associazione Italiana fragli Industriali della Carta, Cartoni e Pasta per Carta (ASSOCARTA) - http://www.assocarta.it

Association of Independent Corrugated Converters - http://www.aiccbox.org

Association of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry - http://www.inda.org

Asociacion Tecnica De la Celulosa Y El Papel (ATCP) - http://www.atcp.cl

Austrian Paper Industry Association - http://www.austropapier.at

Brazilian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (ABTCP) - http://www.abtcp.org.br

Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies - http://www.cpbis.gatech.edu

Czech Pulp and Paper Industry Association - http://www.sppac.cz

China Paper Association (CPA) - http://www.chinappi.org

China Standardization Technical Committee of Papermaking Industry - http://www.pis.org.cn

China Technical Association of Paper Industry - http://www.ctapi.org.cn

Flexible Packaging Association - http://www.flexpack.org

German Pulp & Paper Association - http://www.vdp-online.de

Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) - http://www.ipptaonline.org

Indian Paper Manufacturers Association - http://www.ipma.co.in

International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europe - http://www.citpa-europe.org

Italian Association of Paper, Paperboard & Pulp Manufacturers - http://www.assocarta.it

Japan Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industry - http://www.japantappi.org

Japan Paper Association - http://www.jpa.gr.jp

Korea Packaging Association - http://www.kopa.or.kr

Korea Paper Manufacturers Association - http://www.paper.or.kr

Korea Technical Association of The Pulp and Paper Industry - http://www.ktappi.or.kr

National Association for Portuguese Pulp, Paper & Board Industry (CELPA) - http://www.celpa.pt

National Association of Manufacturers of Pulp, Paper and Board (ASPAPEL ) - http://www.aspapel.es

Packaging Association of Canada - http://www.pac.ca

Packaging Council of Australia - http://www.pca.org.au/site

Packaging Manufacturers Association - http://www.ambalaj.org.tr

Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) - http://www.pamsa.co.za

Paper Industry Technical Association - http://www.pita.co.uk

Paper Industry Management Association - http://www.pima-online.org

Printing Industries of America, (PIA) Inc - http://www.printing.org

Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada - http://www.paptac.ca

Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industry (TAPPI) - http://www.tappi.org

Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industry of Southern Africa (TAPPSA) - http://www.tappsa.co.za

North American Packaging Association - http://www.ebroadcastcenter.com/npa

Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) - http://www.flexography.org

NPES - The Association for Suppliers of Printing and Publishing Technologies - http://www.npes.org

Tag & Label Manufacturers Association (TLMI) - http://www.tlmi.com

American Institute of Graphic Arts - http://www.aiga.org

The Gravure Association of America (GAA) - http://www.gaa.org

The Association for Suppliers of Printing Technologies (NPES) - http://www.npes.org


Trade Journals


Almanac of China's Paper Industry (CTAPI; Almanac 2006 Edition) - www.ctapi.org.cn

Business Forms, Labels & Systems - www.bfls.com

China Paper Online - www.chinapaperonline.com

China Pulp and Paper Industry (CPPI) - www.cppinet.com

Converter-Flessibili-Carta-Cartone - www.trprint.com

Conversion de Peliculas Papel - www.conversion.com

FlexoFlexo Espanol Magazine - www.flexography.org

Label & Narrow Web Industry - www.labelandnarrowweb.com

Package Printing - www.packageprinting.com

Pack World - www.packworld.com

Paper, Film & Foil Converter - www.pffc-online.com

paperOnWeb - www.paperonweb.com

Paperloop - www.paperloop.com

PaperAge Magazine - www.paperage.com

Pulp and Paper Online - www.pulpandpaperonline.com

Quality Digest - www.qualitydigest.com






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