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"Where the Science of Quality Assurance is still an Art!"

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Splice Detector Technologies (click on the model number)


R.K.B. OPTO-ELECTRONICS, INC., invented, designed and produces the most successful line of splice detector sensors available worldwide.  Patented back in 1970's, our splice detection technology has seen major advancements over time and has become the sensor of choice for those that wish 100% guaranteed detection of all types of splice (joint) faults.  Since our fist installation, we have advanced our design and introduced newer state of the art units that monitor all sorts of web based materials where critical detection of splices is required.  Our technology will detect all types of splices, all types of splice tapes (sewn splices in textile industry) and is not affected by splice tape colors or basis weights that hamper phototransistor and ultrasonic type devices.  Our splice detector sensor technologies will monitor one web to multiple webs of material at one time up to a combined thickness of 0.200" (5.08 millimeter).  Our splice detection solutions will work up to speeds in excess of 8,000 fpm (2438 meters/min).  Our technology is truly self calibrating and will automatically setup to any new product, grade changes or number of webs eliminating the need for operational intervention and tedious calibration tweaks.   


Model 1032 Splice Detector™


Model 1032B Splice Detector™


Model 1032BM Splice Detector™

Edge Mount 120/220 AC Solution


Center Mount 120/220 AC Solution


Web Press 120/220 AC Solution

Model 1088 Splice Detector™


Model 1088B Splice Detector™


Model 1088BM Splice Detector™

Edge Mount 24 DC Solution


Center Mount 24 DC Solution


Web Press 24 DC Solution

Model 1032C Splice Detector™


Model 1099 Splice Detector™


Model 1478 Missing Ply Detector

Metallized Material Solution


Narrow Web Solution


Missing Ply Solution


Audio & Visual Alarm Solutions (click on the model number)


R.K.B. OPTO-ELECTRONICS, INC. has designed and developed audio & visual alarm solutions that can be interfaced with our splice detector sensor technologies.  There are two types of alarm systems; one which provides primary power and signal output for the Model 1032 series units and one which provides low voltage primary power and signal output for the Model 1088 series.  The alarm units are setup to default an audio signal that will blast for approximately 7 seconds and a visual alarm (flashing light) that will stay on indefinitely until reset by operational staff thus acknowledging the detection of a splice occurred.  Both units can be setup to automatically reset both audio and visual alarms on request.  The design of the audio visual alarm units allows for the units to be interfaced into any splice detection solution by RKB and other suppliers.  This is a great tool to incorporate to facilitate splice fault acknowledgment especially in processes that have no automatic reject capabilities or are require manual operational intervention.


Model 1042 Audio Visual Alarm


Model 1099 Audio Visual Alarm

120/220 AC Alarm Solution


24 DC Alarm Solution


Auto Tracking (Guiding) Solution (click on the model number)


The Model 4000 AutoTrack® Technology is an advanced automatic tracking system designed so our customer can adapt edge mounted quality assurance, control and analytical monitors and/or components such as our Model 1032 and Model 1088 splice detector sensor technologies to facilitate complete automation.  The technology  provides the ability to automate any technology to advance/retard into a web based process eliminating operational intervention completely and ensuring the quality control components are “ONLINE” when needed.


Model 4000 AutoTrack®

Model 4000 AutoTrack® Solution


Reject Gate Control Technology (click on the model number)


The Model 1122 Abolisher® Reject Gate Control™ Technology is our reject control technology that is unequaled in performance and provides reliable gate control of sheeter applications where the need to reject defective sheeted material is required. This technology performs much faster than software based applications and reduced the need to reject multiple sheets prior to0 and after the defective sheet containing the fault.


Model 1122 Reject Gate Control

Model 1122 Reject Gate Control



Edge Marking Technology (click on the model number)


The Model 1280 Guardian® Multicolor Edge Marking™ Technology is our multicolor automatic spray marker for marking the edge of web material for defect fault location and/or process control identification such as a malfunctioning coat head.  The unit comes with up to 5 standard colors with the option to add more colors as required.


Model 1280 Edge Marking Control

Model 1280 Multicolor Edge Marking



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