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Positively mark defects with our Guardian™ Multicolor Edge Marking System. Incorporate our spray marking technology to accomplish automatic control.


"Where the Science of Quality Assurance is still an Art!"



For Use With

Model 1032

Model 1032B

Model 1088

Model  1088B

Model 2060

Model 2084

Model 3010

Model 3020

Model 3030

Model 3040

Model 3050

Model 3060

Model 3600

Model 4010

Model 9000

Model 9001

Ancillary Systems:

Model 1290

Material Compatibility:

Other Non-metallic

Marking Width:

up to 2" (50.8 mm)

Web Tracking:

up to 11" (279.4 mm)
Infrared Light Emitting Diode Based

Ink Types:

Available from RKB:
Available from Others:

Any liquid can be used
(except for acid and corrosion types)

RKB Water Based Ink


Reservoir Size:

1 Quart
Clean and Dry Air: 80 to 90 PSI

Ambient Temperature:

40 to 160° F
(4 to 70° C)


110/220/240 VAC
50/60 Hz
Single Phase

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Note: Water based inks are supplied in cases of 16 one quart bottles and are sold by the case only. Material Safety Data Sheets are supplied with all inks. Additional ink colors are available and must be specified prior to ordering (new marking units only)

Positively Mark Defects:

When combined with appropriate machine vision web inspection technology, the RKB Model 1280 Guardian® Multicolor Edge Marking™ Technology makes it possible to positively identify defect types and/or locations in a variety of web based materials. Up to five standard colors of water based, re-pulpable inks can be applied by means of atomizing systems to form a controlled mark along the web edge. Additional colors can be applied depending on your overall application. Additionally, any type of ink can be utilized in our spray marking technology provided it is liquid form.

Achieve Automatic Control:

Marks produced by the RKB Model 1280 Guardian® Multicolor Edge Marking™ Technology are detectable with a variety of on-line sensors for automated control of subsequent processing machinery such as winders, slitters, sheeters and coaters. These marks are also visually pronounced as concentric circles on the outside edge of the material roll for corrective patching or splicing of defective areas, sorting or grading decisions. Our spray marking technologies can be integrated with RKB "Auto Break" technologies to ensure complete automatic control capabilities.

Track Edge of Web Motion:

Solid state laser sensing technologies are used for corrective web edge tracking up to 12" (30.5cm) of web travel in the cross machine direction. This prevents potential damage to the web and ensures that marks are placed only on the edge of the web material. The spray head assembly will automatically retract during web break conditions and advance upon detection of web material. Our spray marking technology can also be retracted or advanced under manual control for setup operations.

Prevent Product Contamination:

Each spray head assembly is equipped with an overspray collection system that completely encloses the atomizing spray systems preventing potential coloration of good web material. The collection system also prevents any atomized ink from entering the production environment.


Choose A Complete System:

The RKB Model 1280 Guardian® Multicolor Edge Marking™ Technology includes a marker control station which contains the system's control electronics, power supplies and operational verification systems. Our marking system also includes a complete spray head assembly, main body assembly configured for the desired number of inks required, a test station, overspray collection system, and a water and air purification system. Ink is delivered through gravity controls to electronic and pneumatic control technologies for accurate, consistent, and reliable operation.


Call us today @ 1-315-455-6636 to discuss your complete machine vision imaging application and to learn more about the industry's most diverse line of machine vision web inspection, hole detection, splice detection and control products.



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