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If you are a current user of our splice detection solutions,

whether you purchased directly with us or by way of OEM

(i.e., sheeters, slitters, winders, etc.) you are eligible for

preferred pricing on additional units.  (Please note the serial

number of the unit or units you have if purchased via OEM).

"Where the Science of Quality Assurance is still an Art!"



Ancillary Systems:

Model 1042AVT
Model 1099AVT
Model 1280
Model 1290
Model 1122

Defects Types Detected:

Defect Types

Material Compatibility:

Other Non-metallic Materials

Web Thickness:

0.20" Max. (5.08 mm Max.)

Gap Width:

0.25" (6.35 mm)

Maximum Web Speed:


Electronic Alarm Output:

Pulse Outputs:
3 Selectable

24VDC (± 3 V)
Positive Going
1, 10, 100 millisecond


Sensor Dimensions: 6.0" X 7.5" X 4.37"
(15.24 cm X 19.05 cm x 11.1 cm)
Sensor Weight: 8 lbs/ 3.62 kilogram

Ambient Temperature:

40 to 160° F
(4 to 70° C)


Operating Level
17VDC minimum
30VDC maximum

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Note: If you web speed is less than 30 fpm, specialized circuitry may have to be applied. If you purchase this unit and it is found that specialized circuitry is required due to misinformation, all monies applicable will be charged, then applied as a credit for replacement of this standard unit with a specialized unit. Additional fees may be applied.

Applicable To Any Web Fed Process:

The state-of-the-art Model 1088B Sentinel® Splice Detector™ Technology consumes very little power while providing dependable and consistent splice (joint) and web break detection on virtually any web process application. The Sentinel is designed to monitor from one to 16 or more webs of material and will detect any splice or joint that may exist within the web based process. It is applicable to manufacturing processes that require the culling out of splices or joints prior to shipment. As a control in subsequent conversion processes, it prevents damage to sensitive equipment. Examples of these include soft rolls, print heads, coater applicators and print blankets. Immediate detection, rejection and control of splices or joints creates savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars per annum.


Respond to Varying Conditions:

Unaffected by printed surfaces, material color, grade changes and process speeds that challenge “photo eyes”, "Thru-Beam" and “ultrasonic devices”, the Model 1088B Sentinel® Splice Detector™ Technology designed as a capacitor treats the web material as a dielectric. Therefore immediate and sudden changes in material thickness due to splices, tearouts, and web breaks in the dielectric are instantly revealed as a change in capacitance. The Model 1088B Sentinel® Splice Detector™ Technology guarantees 100% reliable detection every day; every shift. The Model 1088B Sentinel® Splice Detector™ Technology is a self-calibrating system that is powered by +24VDC. It provides an opto-isolated, digital electronic output with a pulse width selectable for 1, 10 or 100 milliseconds. The re-designed alarm indicators are low power, low voltage LEDs that are clearly visible to machine attendants. The unit can be mounted anywhere along the web at any angle and either right side up or upside down.


Minimize Operator Intervention:

The Sentinel is connected directly to PLC control devices or interfaced for activation of peripheral equipment such as audio/visual alarms, counters, sorters, coating head applicators, corona treaters, edge marking systems and reject gate controls. Modular in design, the new Sentinel requires 50% less energy to operate and comes as a complete package with universal mounting holes on each side of the unit. All of our splice detection technologies can be combined with our own Model 1280 Guardian® Multicolor Edge Marking™ Technology and Model 1122 Abolisher® Reject Gate Control™ Technology for completely unattended operation of your production equipment. The Return on Investment (ROI) is most often as little as 24 hours of operation.



Each Black Mamba system installed provides the end users, as well as the web press manufacturer the following:


100% Reliability in splice fault detection.
Fail safe to notify the press that the Black Mamba is connected and functioning.
Limits emergency down time caused by damaged print heads/stations.
Eliminates the need for "SPLICE FREE PAPER" to be required.
Reduces print head/station replacements.
Increases product quality of both press and printed material.
Facilitates increased market share thus increase annual revenues.


Guarantee Product Quality:

With thousands of installations worldwide, our inspection technologies have been effectively applied to ensure delivered product quality on tens of thousands of materials, coated and non-coated such as papers, films, nonwovens, textiles, and tapes. Our splice detection technologies can be installed on many types of machinery including sheeters, on and off machine coaters, extrusion laminators, supercalenders, rotogravure and flexographic printing presses, holographic processes, textile and nonwoven machinery.



Call us today @ 1-315-455-6636 to discuss your complete machine vision imaging application and to learn more about the industry's most diverse line of machine vision web inspection, hole detection, splice detection and control products.




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